Preface and Marginalia Notes

Preface with marginalia

Preface:  The Preface in this 1826 edition is essentially designed to promote the publication using facts such as the sale of 6,000 copies of the 1825 edition and the predicting of on-going future success of The Literary Souvenir.

Marginalia note:  This particular Literary Souvenir has a signature and date above the Preface page.  The signature appears to be that of Nellie Peanes and is dated 1882. If the name has been accurately read, the Peanes family were early silver mining pioneers in the Silverton/Durango area of Colorado. After moving from the UK, they settled in Boulder around 1880.  Albert Peanes (father) died of tuberculosis in 1914.  Nellie would have been 16 in 1882.   No additional information was available from the archive.  Source:  Sylvia Pettem ( Boulder’s Carnegie History Librarian


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